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More about wind directions

Offshore wind

You have to be very careful when kitesurfing in offshore wind. If you get in trouble, injure yourself or lose control you will drift with the wind out into deeper water and it will be harder to get back to the beach. An offshore wind comes from the land to the water, the landscape around which mountains and forests create obstacles to the wind. This in turn, leads to the wind becoming temperate and having an irregular continuity. Variations in wind power can make it harder to control the kite. If you are kitesurfing in an offshore wind make sure you have a lifeboat on hand and that you are confident in your self rescue.

Onshore wind

Onshore wind is the wind that blows from the water to the beach. Onshore wind is safe for all kiters. If you have problems out in the water, this type of wind will eventually take you back to the beach. However, it is important to have an onshore wind in mind when launching your kite. The wind will push you towards the beach and a bad water start can cause damage.

Side onshore wind

The best wind direction for kitesurfing is side onshore. A side onshore wind hits the beach obliquely from the outside. See picture of the different wind directions. A side onshore wind is also safe for launching.

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