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Here´s how to read a wind forecast

Kitesurfing is absolutely fantastic ... when it´s windy. Exercising a sport that is 100% wind dependent requires you to read and understand wind forecasts. The goal is to minimize wrong decisions and increase your effective time with surfing on the water. This is what a typical wind forecast looks like. We can read by day, time, cloudy, wind direction, wind strength, the normal wind and scualls. More on how to read forecasts, we review at your kite course


Reading wind forecasts is important for you to plan your kitesurfing and which beach to go to. Analyze the

forecasts max 1-2 days ahead in time for the best accuracy, winds are constantly changing. Wind direction is

determined by the weather. If there is a southerly wind, it blows from south to north. To know which spot is suitable

for each wind direction, you can take the help of a spot guide with beaches for shallow sandy bottom (google on

spot guide kicks ass net).

The forecast gives you all advance information. The wind direction determines which beach to choose (filter if you are looking for shallow sandy bottom, depth, waves etc) The wind strength determines which size of kite to use. Memorize which beaches work in specific wind directions in your area.


Some of Blekinge kite spots
S-SW: Torhamns udde, Stensvik, Slätthammar, Torkö, Sandviken
W: Torhamns udde, Gökalv, Klåven
N: By boat: Stenshamn, North Bollö, Eneholmen, Nötanabben. By car: (Nötanabben), Norje boke, Hörvik
NW: Gökalv, Ljunganabben
NE: Kristianopel, Sturkö camping, Saxemara norra badplats, Norje havsbad, Hörvik


Se all the spots in Blekinge on the kite map

Spotguide: Google on "spotguide kicks ass net" (A spotguide for all of Sweden). For worldwide: check woosport.  For Blekinge: check this homepage and go to kite map.
Forecasts: Windy, Windguru, Clear, (select Sejladsudsigt), and more
Real-time: VIVA, (designed for kitesurfing, in sweden), Davis Weather Link


In the morning, you should tune out the wind meters in real time if it's worth going out. The VIVA app and Davis

Weather link are great for real-time, and provide lightning-fast answers about current wind speed and direction.


When we are kitesurfing, running demo, running kite school etc., we sometimes announce it on facebook or


For common transport and planning for which kitespot, apps such as WhatsApp are usually used, find out what

applies locally to you.

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