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Kite course privately is for those who want extra focus on your kite development. No matter what kite course and level you are at, together with your instructor you get maximum time on the water.

In a private lesson, you complete the chosen course alone with the instructor. Theory is interspersed with practical exercises and we spend most of the time in the water. Minimum booking time is 3 hour.

After completing the course, a certificate is obtained via iko if you do not already have this, or hours are added to the existing certificate. If there has been an improvement, the certificate is also upgraded.

Course start: According to agreement between April/May to September/October, depending on water temperature.
Location: We usually stay outside the Torhamn cape (Torhamns udde), although other places can be found. The choice of location is chosen some day before the course starts.


 Kite course private       

  Price/hour: 900kr

See the respective course that is desired to be conducted privately


Buy equipment from us right after the course. We leave 15% discount on new equipment. Your instructor will help you put together a suitable package.
Spot support and career support are always included in the future after you have completed a course with us.

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