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Kitesurf Course Refresh is designed for those who have already completed a course, but have not started properly or need to refresh your skills.

Kite Course Refresh is also perfect for those who bought their own equipment and need help to get through it and get started properly on the water.

In the refresh course we have some basic moments that we always review. Then you can choose which moments you feel you want to work out. Refresh also includes elements of your own training, where you train the techniques provided by the instructor on your own.

Maximum number of participants 4, but for the best efficiency in your kite course we strive to teach in small groups. 

After completing the course, a certificate is obtained via iko if you do not already have this, or hours are added to the existing certificate. If there has been an improvement, the certificate is also upgraded.

Prerequisites: Have passed a kite course in the past 3 years.
Course start: By agreement between april/maj to september/october, depending on water temperatur.
Location: We are usually located at Torhamns udde, although other places may exist.  
Choice of place is chosen a day before the start of the course.


 Content refresh course / 3 hours    

   Price: 1800kr

Base content

  • Rehearsal of theory online

  • Kitesurfing in Blekinge - rules & opportunities

  • Risk assessment & beach check

Moments we can go through

  • Rigging & security

  • Fly training kite

  • Start - & landing technician

  • Technical training on the water

  • Bodysurfing

  • Advanced kite control

  • Board control & technology

  • Water starts with board

  • Technique for going up wind

  • Navigate, turn, jump


Buy equipment from us right after the course. We leave 15% discount on new equipment. Your instructor will help you put together a suitable package.
Spot support and career support are always included in the future after you have completed a course with us.

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