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Sternö badplats, Karlshamn

Municipal swimming area. Surf forbidden between May 1st-September 30th. Very large rigging place. Plenty of parking places right next to the beach. The bathing area is a bit of shelter in the bay, there for not so many alternatives to wind directions. May be gusty at rigging place. Optimal wind W. Works from WSW to WNW. Rigging on grass/sand. Larger trees on the shoreline to ceep in mind. Sand bottom and shallow water. Can work well for exercise but the distance to drive into the bay becomes quite short. Outside the bay there ios often better winds. No large waves. Outside the bay, normal waves. Also, it is possible to rig on cliffs further along the south side of the bay, but it may be difficult to find larger areas and risk that lines will get stuck in stones.
Not available at WOO sports.

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