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Rent a kayak

Kayaking is a fantastic feeling of freedom where you get really close to nature in a calm and harmonious way. Regardless of whether you paddle in calm water or in a rougher sea, it is an experience and feeling that must be experienced!

In Blekinge, we have one of Sweden's best paddle environments regarding kayaking. With almost 1000 islands in our archipelago, Blekinge offers an archipelago with an almost endless discovery environment with very varied fauna.
We work with ARK56 which for many years has produced a very good map of Blekinge regarding tips, kayak routes, recommendations and more, feel free to visit their page HERE.


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We offer kayak rental based on the eastern pier in Ronneby harbor and at Ekenäs camping in Ronneby. There is a floating bridge on site on the east side, in Angelskogsviken, which means easy access and ascent by kayak in calm water. At Ekenäs camping, you can easily enter the water via the beach in shallow water or from the bathing bridge, however you must always respect bathing people and all other visitors!
In addition to direct service on site, we will also have a kayak machine in cooperation with GoKaya, where you book your kayak via your phone or computer and in a very simple way, via a booking code, unlock / pick up your kayak with its belongings. Simply quick and easy!


  • ​2 hour- 300kr

  • 4 hour- 400kr

  • 1 day- 600kr 

  • 24 hour- 950kr

  • 48 hour- 1250kr

  • 1 week- 2950k

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