Boat rental

During this 2022 season, we can now offer rental of boats based in Ekenäs, close to Ronneby harbor, and from Ronneby river.

The Ronneby archipelago has fantastic fishing waters and pike fishing has been very popular in the area for a long time.
In addition, there is a fantastic archipelago with several different destinations, islands such as beaches along land, which are very suitable for swimming and other activities. From beautiful Ronneby archipelago you can easily go to the islands around the area, Karön is a beautiful place to visit for example. Or, why not all the way to Järnaviks archipelago and to the popular island Tjärö, among many alternatives.

We have two different boats for rent, planing boat with steering wheel and non-planning boat with tiller steering.

Hyra båt

Our boats are of the Norwegian brand PIONER, a boat with quality. These boats are very durable and extremely stable for their size, in other words a very safe boat. The models we offer for rent are Pioner 15 Allround, Pioner 13 & Pioner 12 Maxi.



PIONER 15 with 30hp Yamaha

  • 6 hour:        950kr

  • 12 hour:      1500kr

  • 24 hour:     2000kr    

  • 48 hour:     3800kr

  • 1 week:          7000kr





PIONER 13 with 9,9hp Mercury

  • 6 hour:        800kr

  • 12 hour:      1350kr

  • 24 hour:     1750kr    

  • 48 hour:     3300kr

  • 1 week:          6300kr

PIONER 12 with electric Yamaha 100 amp

  • 6 hour:        500kr

  • 12 hour:      1050kr

  • 24 hour:     1350kr    

  • 48 hour:     3000kr

  • 1 week:          5600kr