What is SUP?

SUP - Stand Up Paddle board - is a water board sport where you stand up on the board and paddle with a single-bladed paddle. The sport is for everyone, young or old or big or small.
Paddling SUP provides good exercise for the whole body. You work with the balance while using the legs, back, trunk and arms to paddle forwards. The most popular in Blekinge is paddling in flat water, which usually means in rivers, calm water in the archipelago or lakes. Of course, there are also SUP boards suitable for paddling in more open seas, in waves or rapids. Practicing yoga on a SUP board is another fantastic example of what these boards can be used for.



  • 1 hour 200kr

  • 2 hour 300kr

  • 3 hour 400kr

  • Day 600kr

  • 24 hour 900kr

  • Wetsuit hire 100