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Tired of the Swedish weather?  -Learn kitesurfing and take advantage of it. Satisfied with the Swedish weather?  -Learn kitesurfing to make the most of it.

Kitesurfing is a growing sport and Sweden is an excellent country for just this. Large variety of kite spots at relatively short distances and winds constantly reach our coastlines.


If you quickly and safely want to get started with your sup paddling, this course is for you. During the course, we go through theory on land and practical aspects on the water.

If you want to enjoy the Blekinge archipelago in Ronneby in a quiet and peaceful way, a trip with one of our kayaks is perfect. 

We have both K1 kayaks (single) and K2 kayaks (double). You can easily rent the kayaks from one of our unmanned stations located in Ronneby harbor and Ekenäs marina.


We think supball is the most fun you can do on a sup-board and takes flatwater to a whole new level!

Supball is a team sport played on sup boards. Two buoys in the water is the goals and with a ball the teams must hit the opponent's buoy. Tackling is allowed!

Supball is a mix of handball, water polo and rugby. This is the perfect activity for groups of friends, stag/hen parties, companies, etc.

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Amazing nature experience combined with adrenaline, this is kitesurfing in Blekinge!Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kitesurfer, the spots are here for you.

Using a stand up paddle board can be both peaceful, relaxed and playful, it's entirely up to you! 

The wide archipelago, which does not extend that far, is what makes Blekinge special. In the middle of the archipelago, we encounter stable winds with both flat water and waves.

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