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What is supball? 

Supball (Stand Up Paddle Ball) is a combination of netball, water polo and rugby, that is played on stand up paddle boards.

Supball takes flat water SUP boarding to a whole new level! It is a unique game that can be adapted to suit all experience levels. So whether it`s your first time on a paddleboard or you are an experience SUP paddler this game will change you and make you laugh like never before!

We belive that SUPBALL is the most fun you can have on a stand up paddleboard!


Play supball

At Blekinge surf we arrange competitions in supball in groups between 6-10 people, divided into two teams. The game is played for one hour including shorter breaks. However, it takes about 3 hours including preparation, time for training and finishing work.

We use inflatable boards which are also very durable. You do not need to have tested sup before participating, we will run a review of tips and techniques before the game and you will have some time to practice as well.

This is a fun and physical sport but you choose how physically active you want to be, but in general, supball is a physically demanding sport. Contact version of supball is more physically demanding than non contact (see Sup Ball Rules below).

Keep this in mind before participating

  • It is physical demanding

  • Recharge with energy before participating and drink water

  • Jewelry and expensive sunglasses should not be worn

  • The match is played for one hour but the total time required is about 3 hours

Supball rules

There are two different versions of SUPBALL that you can play.

Contact and non Contact.

Contact allows players to tackle or push other players off their boards.

Non contact only allows a player to nudge another player`s board with the paddle.

  • Matchess are played between two teams of 3-5 heading in opposite direction.

  • The goal is bouy in the water that you will hit the players ball with.

  • A player is considered to be "in play" if they are either kneeling or standing on the board.

  • Once a player is in possession of the ball they must stop paddling.

  • You may play the ball with your hands, paddle or other parts of your body.

  • A player who doesen´t have 50% or more of their body on a board is deemed to be out of play until they get back on board.

  • Once a goal is scored the team who scored the goal must paddle around their defensive goal buoy to be considered onside.

  • You may tackle players off their boards (contact) or destabalise a board with your paddle (non contact), but no paddle to player contact is allowed!

  • No player is allowed to hug the goal with their body. However, players are permitted to block the goal with their paddle or board.



  • 400kr per person

  • Included helmet & lifewest

  • Minimun participant 6 persons

  • Maximum participant 10 persons

Book supball

To get the best information & service, we ask you to email your request.

Tell us what date you want to carry out the supball and how many participants.


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