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How to choose beach for kite surfing

OK then we know it's blowing! We have checked the wind direction. We know which beaches have shallow sandy bottom. Which beach should we choose then, the closest one? The one with the onshore side onshore side shore? The most kite surfers go to?

Unfortunately we cannot go to any beach, there are several factors that play into making a beach kitesurf friendly.

The first thing to find out is:

  • If there are local regulations or restrictions on the beach you are going to?

  • Is it a very crowded beach?

  • Is it private land, protected area, nature or bird protection area or similar?

Then you move on with:

  • Risk analysis and beach check.
    Is there a large enough surface, sandy beach, fences, signs, sharp objects.
    What does the area look like underwater, shallow, sharp shells, deep, rocky, reef, mussels etc.

  • Wind check

  • Decide where to set up the kite

Find new kite beaches

If you have found a place on google-maps that looks absolutely fantastic, but is private land, then it can actually work to go and visit the owner, tell you about your sport and ask if you can access the beach. And kind of promise not to tell anyone else. Maybe the person gets the urge to start kite surfing himself...

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