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Right of way rules


Golden rule - Avoid accidents! Even if you have precedence, you must do everything you can to avoid an accident. Understand that others do not know what kitesurfing is and how it works, and therefore never kitesurf among bathers or even close to other people who do not know the sport.


Golden rule
If you are upwind, you have the kite high. If you are downwind you have the kite low.

Rule 1:
The kitesurfer who has started his kite on land and is on his way out into the water takes precedence over the kitesurfer who is on his way out of the water. It is more dangerous to have a kite in the air on land, than in the water.

Rule 2:
On collision course. The kitesurfer who flies the kite between 12 and 9, ie the left wind window must give way for the person who is surfing to the right, the kite flies between 12 and 15, ie the right wind window. Give way downwind if you meet and keep the kite low.

The same rule, though less technical: The rider who runs on the heel and has the wind blowing in the left ear or cheek makes up for oncoming riders. Give way by keeping the kite low and surfing downwind about the oncoming surfer. The surfer who goes on the heel and has the wind in his right ear or cheek should hold his kite high and keep his course.

Rule 3:
Overtaking give way. The rider who catches another rider traveling in the same direction has a duty of give way. Either you turn, or drive around in shelter, or downwind with the kite low.

Rule 4:
Surfing in the same direction but higher and lower in the wind. The rider who is higher up in the wind has so-called Global Vision, ie can see everything that happens downwind has a give way obligation on those who travel in the same direction but lower down in the wind.

Rule 6:
Kitesurfers on a wave. The kitesurfer who is surfing on a wave has preference over the one who is surfing in the opposite direction. Does not apply if any of the above rules are applicable.

Rule 7:
Priority should be given to other users of the beach and the water. Kitesurfers should travel downwind if these, do not expose them to the risk of getting a kite or lines on them.

Rule 8:
To jump, the rider must have a free safety area at least 50 meters downwind and 30 meters upwind.

General rule:
Kitesurf never among bathers or even close to other people who do not know what kitesurfing is and how it works. Keep the kite low. Do not go straight into the water / kite zone with the zenite kite. You block everyone else. Go out into the water on the edges of the kite zone and keep your kite low, away from the kite zone.

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